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Hewlett-Packard Alumni

Interact. Network. Socialise.
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       Join the HP Alumni reconnect with your old friends and new friends in the making...

                                                             Interact. Network. Socialise.

The Alumni's Objectives are:
1. to provide members with opportunities for social interaction, networking and recreation;
2. to promote mutual support and collaboration between members in areas of mutual interest;
3. to keep the members informed of the latest developments in Singapore's economy and  business environment in the world, which are not proprietary or confidential in nature;
4. to organize and present developmental. educational, cultural, recreational and social programs as determined by the Alumni; and
5. to offer opportunities to contribute as a group to the improvement of Singapore's social health and economic development by participating in philanthropic and education programs at all levels.       
Latest members: joined in January 2015  

                                                               Michael Ong
                                                                     Life members : 391
                                                                     Associate members: 14
                                                                     Total: 405

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2015 Events

1. 14th AGM -- 16th March 2015

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           Event Synopsis

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Come on board and stay in touch with your fellow ex-HP colleagues through fun, social interaction, networking and many more
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